This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to setup Harbor with a Let’s Encrypt certificate using Certbot


  • Linux machine
  • A public domain pointing to your Linux machine
  • Port 80/443 is reachable from the outside
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose

Certbot / Let’s Encrypt

First, we need to install Certbot to create Let’s Encrypt certificates on our machine. On Ubuntu, this can be easily done by using snap:

$ snap install certbot --classic

Afterward, we are able to create a new certificate for our Harbor domain by using the standalone mode of Certbot and add the desired domain as a parameter. …

Cover Image
Cover Image

Recently I was playing around with the Chart.js library and integrated it into one of my Vue applications. Even if there are some wrapper libraries to use Chart.js together with Vue and TypeScript, I had issues integrating them into my Vue project. In this blog post, I want to show you how to create your own Chart components in Vue by using the regular Chart.js library.


  • Vue Project
  • Vue Class Components
  • Vue Property Decorator


First, add the following packages to your Vue application.

$ yarn add chart.js @types/chart.js

Once these packages are installed, create a new folder and the…

I am using Traefik as a reverse proxy to publish and secure services that are running in a Docker container. This blog post will describe how to get started with Traefik 2 using docker-compose on a single host.

Since I am using many Traefik instances on different hosts, I’ve created a repository called traefik-dockerized to make the deployment easier.

First, clone the repository.

$ git clone Cloning into 'traefik-dockerized'... 
$ cd traefik-dockerized

After you cloned the repository, create a copy of the example configuration.

$ cp config/traefik.example.yml config/traefik.yml

Open the configuration file. It should look like this:

The configuration…

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